Rock N’ Play

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Give yourself a helping hand with this Rock ‘N Play Sleeper, after all this is your vacation right? Those late nights when your baby is fussy or wakes up in the middle of the night can be tiring. This sleeper is ideal for those random wakings because the simple touch of a button will help put your baby comfortably back to sleep. It imitates the motion of being rocked in your arms, and plays songs with sound effects to soothe your sleepy baby. Use it for nap time to get your little one to close their eyes serenely. The comfortable incline will help your baby rest peacefully. It even has a linkable clacker toy. This auto sleeper has the addition of hands-free rocking with two speeds, making it the ultimate sweet dream machine. This Auto Rock ‘N Play Sleeper is compact and lights so it can be folded and stored almost anywhere.



  • Hands-free rocking motion
  • AC plug only
  • Multiple rocking speeds
  • Compact fold for portability and storage
  • Comfortable incline aids in sleeping process
  • Clacker attached to strap-in


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