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Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for a beach service to set up chairs and have them available only a certain amount of hours in a day? The backpack beach chair & umbrella set is the perfect place to save on your vacation budget! The set is designed to offer the most in hands-free portability, durability and function. In addition the backpack chair & umbrella set allow you to set-up outside the vendor zone and in areas we are not able to set-up. The 6.5 foot diameter umbrellas complement the backpack beach chairs on design. They have 100 SPF+ rating, adjust to five different positions, have a carrying case, and come with a sand anchor so your umbrella won’t fly away.

They are delivered for free to your vacation doorstep.

Note: This set is not set up daily by 30A Relax.

Size Recommendation: Chairs are recommended for those 240 pounds or less.