Grayton Snorkel Reef Tour

From: $99.00

Explore one of Grayton Beach’s newest aquatic features: the artificial reef! Begin your day with detailed instruction from our friendly tour guides, followed by a YOLO paddle board excursion (less than 150 yards away) to the reef where you will have the opportunity to shallow water snorkel, dive, explore soft corals, sponges, plants, barnacles, and several other species up close and personal.

Our paddle and snorkeling tours are suited for good swimmers and guests comfortable on a paddle board.

Includes: Guides as well as all snorkeling and paddle board equipment.
Start (Arrive at Grayton State Park): 9:00 AM
Departure: 9:45 PM
Return: 11:30 AM
This experience is only offered Monday-Friday.

Cost: $99

Maximum participants allowed is 14. Session will only be held if 5 or more people are registered.

Please note: Gratuity is not reflected in this price

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