This Weehoo tag-a-long trailer rental is perfect for the little one who is not quite ready to ride their own bike at full speed. They can enjoy the thrill of bike riding with a little extra help from a host rider. The Weehoo tag-a-long has a freewheel and is made for safety. We attach the tag-a-long right to your bike, whether personal or from 30A Relax. A helmet is provided free upon request for this rental.

Recommendation: 30arelax recommends that you rent this with a 26″ 30A Jamis Taxi cruiser, or a 26″ Jamis Taxi cruiser for the best comfort for your child. Because of the bracketing attachment system, this weehoo is not guaranteed to be compatible with mountain bikes, or other personal bikes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Size Requirement: Limited to children weighing 85 pounds or less.

We deliver anywhere on 30A.

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